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Institution for a Global Society (IGS) , Japon

Institution for a Global Society (IGS) is a start-up company established in 2010. Its focus is grooming leaders of the next generation.

We at IGS believe that strong communication and appreciation for diversity, when combined with entrepreneurial spirit, can make our global society a better place.


Our Mission

igs offers talented youth a unique and challenging education in order to help them develop the skills and insight they need to be leaders in a global society.

Why is this important?

The convergence of rapid developments in information, technology, and globalization has created new opportunities and challenges for individuals and society. These dramatic changes have been accompanied by the rise other global challenges, such as environmental sustainability and increasing geopolitical tensions. At the same time, Asia has emerged as a focal point of economic activity with an important role on the world stage. In this rapidly evolving and complex world, we need to nurture the leadership potential of our youth, so they can contribute to the development of a more peaceful and prosperous future.

Why is unique to igs?

At igs, students can connect their learning with the real world of business. This is because our colleagues bring a broad range of experience and insight from their various backgrounds. The igs staff includes not only experienced and academically prominent teachers, but also former executives and managers from multinational companies such as Barclays Global Investors, Apple, Goldman Sachs, or graduates from Japan’s top university, University of Tokyo. They are supported by regular interns from Harvard University with the sponsorship of the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies. The members can share their own visions of leadership, and work together with the students to achieve their immediate as well as long term goals. The result is a lively and diverse intellectual community of staff and students.

igs as a business

igs has three main business lines: classes (critical thinking, debate, liberal arts, and prep courses for TOEFL and SAT), web-based and smart-phone applications, and consulting services. The company has affiliated with the University of Tokyo on social gaming and its practical applications in virtual learning tools, and conducted a workshop at the Apple Store in Osaka showcasing its iPhone applications for students. The company also developed a TOEFL e-learning program which has been introduced to Japan’s top secondary school Kaisei Academy, among other schools. Recent Japanese education reform has also put igs in a uniquely pivotal position; the company serves in an advisory role to Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Since its foundation, igs has also developed a network of business partners across industries: Sumitomo Corporation (trading), Kawaijuku and Z-kai (top-tier education firms), and ADK (major advertising agency). Recent media coverage includes pieces in the Toyo Keizai (weekly economic journal), the Yomiuri Newspaper, the Mainichi Newspaper, and the Nikkei (a nationwide newspaper). igs has hosted prominent guest speakers including Takehiko Nakao, the head of the Asian Development Bank. Masahiro Fukuhara, the founder and CEO, has published books on leadership education and regularly contributes articles to magazines and e-books, including Gendai Business (a web-based business magazine). Thus, igs has shaped itself as a unique education company.

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